MSPControl Windows Agent


With the MSPControl Windows Agent allows you to manage end user desktops.

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  • Agent configuration via SRV Record to allow for easy management of End Point by Domain
  • Cloud Folder Drive Mapping Management - Allow for remote machines network drives to be mapped to Cloud Folder mappings remotely
  • Control Cloud Folder Upload Size
  • Automatically Connect Remote Users RemoteApp Settings based on the collections they have access to
  • Automatically Configure Exchange MAPI Settings on Remote Machines based on the users Mailbox Settings
  • Manage Remote Users Screensaver Settings based on Organizational Template - Require Password and Amount of time Screensaver should turn on
  • Integration with Cloud Folder Search Federation allows for Remote users to use Full Text Search of Cloud Folders
  • Inheritable Policies allow Serveradmin to control what Tenants can do with there settings
  • Agent Up/Down Status
  • Automatically Deploy Screenconnect Agents to Remote Machines / Connect to any Agents using Quick Connect button on Agent List
  • Monitor Antivirus Status
  • Monitor Drive Space
  • Agent Auto-Upgrade allows for easy management of remote agents to maintain latest version
  • Monitor Internal/External IP Address of each Agent
  • Windows WSUS Patch Management Integration / Automatically Configure all Remote nodes to be managed by a Central WSUS Server
  • Ability to Repair Remote Agent Settings Remotely
  • Ability to Reboot Remote Agent Machines
  • Windows WSUS Patch Management Integration
  • Abilitly to Manage Remote Agent Devices Windows Firewall State for Zones
  • Support for Multiple Agents per user
  • Orphaned Agent Detection - Set number of days before an agent is considered no contact

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