MSPControl provides a management interface for many software platforms, server technologies and features. Below is a list of the currently supported versions for each of them.

Operating Systems

[three] Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008 R2
[/three] [three_middle] Windows Server 2008
Windows 10
Windows 8
[/three_middle] [three_last] Windows 7


Web Servers

[three] IIS 8.5
IIS 8.0
[/three] [three_middle] IIS 7.5
ColdFusion versions from 7 to 2016
[/three_middle] [three_last] [/three_last]


FTP Servers

[three] MS FTP 8.5
MS FTP 8.0
[/three] [three_middle] MS FTP 7.5
Gene6 FTP Server
[/three_middle] [three_last] Serv-U FTP Server 6.x
FileZilla FTP Server
CerberusFTP (new)


Mail Servers

[three] SmarterMail 2.x and up
MailEnable 2.x - 4.x
Merak Mail Server 8.x - 10.x
[/three] [three_middle] MDaemon 9.x - 10.x
hMailServer 4.x
ArgoMail Server 1.x
[/three_middle] [three_last] Ability Mail Server 2.x
Icewarp Server


Database Engines

[three] Microsoft SQL Server 2014 any edition
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 any edition
[/three] [three_middle] Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 any edition
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 any edition
[/three_middle] [three_last] MySQL Server of 4.0.x, 4.1.x and 5.x versions (through 5.6)


DNS Servers

[three] Microsoft DNS Server
Simple DNS Plus 4.x-5.x
[/three] [three_middle] ISC BIND DNS Server
Nettica DNS Service
[/three_middle] [three_last] [/three_last]


Statistics Servers

[three] SmarterStats 3.x and up
[/three] [three_middle] AWStats Statistics
[/three_middle] [three_last] [/three_last]



[three] Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 without /hosting switch
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
Microsoft Exchange Server 2016
BlackBerry Enterprise Server/Express 5
[/three] [three_middle] SharePoint Foundation 2013
SharePoint Server 2013
SharePoint Server 2016
Microsoft Lync 2010 Enterprise / Hosting Pack
Microsoft Lync 2013 Enterprise / Hosting Pack
[/three_middle] [three_last] Microsoft Skype for Business 2015
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016


Microsoft RemoteApp

[three] Microsoft RemoteApp (Session Based DAAS)
[/three] [three_middle] [/three_middle] [three_last] [/three_last]


Microsoft Online Services

[three] Microsoft Azure AD Synchronization
Microsoft Online Subscription Management
Microsoft Exchange Online (Future)
[/three] [three_middle] Microsoft Skype for Business Online (Future)
Microsoft CRM Online (Future)
Microsoft Mobile Device Management (Future)
[/three_middle] [three_last] Microsoft SharePoint Online (Future)
Microsoft Intune (Future)


File Storage

[three] Microsoft IIS Webdav Publishing
[/three] [three_middle] Storage Services
[/three_middle] [three_last] [/three_last]



[three] Hyper-V 2012 R2
[/three] [three_middle] VMWare (Future)
[/three_middle] [three_last] [/three_last]


Billing Solutions

[three] WHMCS
[/three] [three_middle] [/three_middle] [three_last] [/three_last]

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