Module Overview

Microsoft Azure

Provision and manage Office 365, simplify Azure administration, and gain real-time insights into tenant spending with MSPControl’s centralized dashboard. Password resets, user synchronization, and detailed spending reports empower you to deliver exceptional cloud services to your clients.

Microsoft Azure

Included Features

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General Features

  • Multi-tenant / segregation support
  • Integration with Office 365 Partner Center API
  • User and Group Syncronization
  • User Roles Management
  • Import Users from Azure AD into your On Premise System
  • Password Sync
  • Password Resets via SMS or Email
  • Domain Management
  • Tenant Management
  • Multi-tenant / segregation support
  • User Synchronization
  • Password Sync
  • Password Resets via SMS or E-mail
  • Domain Management
  • Tenant Management
  • Active Directory Password Filter Support
  • Missing user detection
  • Azure Subscription Management (Create/Attach)
  • Azure AD Domain Service support (create/remove a resource)
  • Credit Limit Management and Notifications
  • Support to Suspend account on exceeding Credit Limit
  • Azure Consumption Collection
  • Azure Spending Dashboard
  • Azure Spending Report Notification per Tenant and System Wide
  • System Wide Control and view of Spending for all Tenants on Centralized Dashboard
  • Partner GDAP Admin Relationships management
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Streamline Office 365 Management, Simplify Azure Administration, and Gain Real-Time Cost Insights

MSPControl’s centralized dashboard empowers managed service providers (MSPs) to effortlessly provision and manage Office 365 for their clients. Simplify Azure administration and gain real-time insights into tenant spending, all from a single, intuitive platform.

Key Benefits:

Centralized Management: Effortlessly provision and manage Office 365 tenant settings from a single dashboard.
Simplified Azure Administration: Streamline Azure administration tasks and ensure optimal cloud resource management for your clients.
Real-Time Cost Insights: Gain instant visibility into client spending with detailed reports, allowing for proactive cost optimization.
Enhanced Service Delivery: Deliver exceptional cloud services with features like password resets and user synchronization, improving client satisfaction.
MSPControl: Your one-stop shop for empowering your business to deliver exceptional cloud services.