Module Overview

Ticketing & Helpdesk

Elevate your IT support by seamlessly integrating with Connectwise PSA. Automate ticket creation from diverse sources, streamline incident management with sync, and improve organization through pre-defined baselines and user/device synchronization. Focus on resolving issues, not managing tickets, with a unified and efficient workflow.

Ticketing & Helpdesk

Included Features

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General Features

  • Integration with Connectwise PSA
  • Approximately 10 Automatic Ticket Creation Types (number may be increasing)
  • Ticket generation based on Defender Incidents
  • Syncing incidents from with Connectwise
  • Enabling baseline tickets
  • Ongoing addition of new ticket creation types
  • Contact Sync between organization users and Connectwise
  • In-progress Device Sync with Connectwise
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Unleash Ticketing Efficiency with MSPControl’s Connectwise PSA Integration
Simplify Support, Streamline Workflows, Resolve Issues Faster

Elevate your IT support experience with MSPControl’s seamless integration with Connectwise PSA. Automate ticket creation from various sources, eliminating manual data entry and saving valuable time. Streamline incident management with automatic synchronization from, ensuring your team always has the latest security information. Improve organization with pre-defined baselines and user/device synchronization, keeping your ticketing system clean and efficient. Focus on resolving client issues instead of managing tickets, with a unified and intuitive workflow. Boost technician productivity and client satisfaction with MSPControl’s powerful Connectwise PSA integration.