Basic information

How Does MSPControl Work
Information about what is the MSPControl and how it works.

MSPControl Integration API
Basic and full API description for integration with 3rd party applications.

Typical Configurations
Here you can find typical environment diagram templates for MSPControl deployments.


Installation / Deployment Guide

MSPControl Deployment Guide
Instructions on how to install MSPControl.

WebDAV Portal
Instructions on how to configure WebDAV Portal (required for Cloud Folders).

MSPControl Active Directory Password Filter
Instructions on how to configure the MSPControl Password Filter for Active Directory.

MSPControl Desktop Agent
Allows an end user's Windows Desktop to communicate with MSPControl to allow the management of settings.

MSPControl High Availability
This document describes basic ideas of how to make highly available MSPControl installation.

Administrator Guide

This manual describes the steps that should be done right after MSPControl installation. It explains how to setup MSPControl and make it ready to serve your customers.

Setup Tasks
Quick Setup Outline
Setting up System Settings
Setting up Remote Servers
Setting up Server Services
Setting up Virtual Servers
Creating Hosting Plans
Creating Hosting Add-Ons
Creating User Accounts
    - Creating Peer Accounts and Peer Roles
Creating Hosting Spaces

Setting up Hosted Organizations and Exchange
Create Virtual Server for Hosted Organizations and Exchange Server
Create Hosting Plan for Hosted Organizations and Exchange Server

Maintenance Tasks
Importing Hosted Resources into Spaces
Backup and Restore Hosting Resources
Managing Windows Services
Managing Server System Processes
Rebooting Remote Server

Tips and Tricks
Increase MSPC logging level
Detaching Space Items
Moving Space Items between Accounts or Spaces
How to move users from specific reseller to serveradmin

Reseller Guide

Customizing Portal Settings
Changing Web Sites Parking Page


Upgrade from WebsitePanel
Instructions on how to upgrade/migrate from WebsitePanel.

Manual upgrade between MSPControl versions
Instructions on how to do manual upgrade to latest MSPControl version.

Hosted Services

Hosted Organization Service
Instructions on how to configure Hosted Organization Service.

Exchange Server 2013/2016
Instructions on how to configure Exchange Server 2013/2016 Module.

Lync 2013 / Skype for Business Server 2015
Instructions on how to configure Skype for Business 2015 or Lync 2013 Module.

SharePoint Server 2013/2016
Instructions on how to configure SharePoint Server 2013/2016 Module.

Cloud Folders
Instructions on how to configure Cloud Folder Module.

Microsoft Online Services / Office 365
Instructions on how to configure integration with Office 365



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