Module Overview

Documentation & Asset Management

Track assets, enforce policies, and organize with user-defined tags. Detailed notes and documentation ensure efficient operations and informed decision-making.

Documentation & Asset Management

Included Features

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General Features

  • 1. Asset Identification:

    • Asset Name
    • Asset Type
    • Asset Category
    • Asset Section
  • 2. Asset Policies:

    • Define and enforce policies for asset management operations.
  • 1. Note Content:

    • Notes Entry
  • 2. Tagging:

    • User Tags
    • Location Tags
    • Device Tags
  • 3. Authorization Requirement:

    • Availability based on authorization levels
  • 4. Notes Policies:

    • Define and enforce policies for notes creation, modification, and
  • 5. Security:

    • Notes are securable with defined access controls.
  • 1. Photo Storage:

    • Secure storage and organization of photos related to assets or notes.
  • 2. Photo Policies:

    • Define and enforce policies for photo storage, access, and deletion.
  • 1. Secured Password Storage:

    • Safekeeping of passwords with robust encryption.
  • 2. Password Manager Policies:

    • Define and enforce policies for password storage, retrieval, and
    • Integration with Azure Vault
  • 3. Security:

    • Passwords are securable with defined access controls.
  • 4. Certificates Management:

    • Storage, organization, and retrieval of certificates.
  • 5.Authorization Settings:

    • Configurable settings to manage authorization levels and access
  • 6. Authorizer Functionality:

    • Request and approval workflow for accessing protected items.
    • Email notifications for authorization requests and approvals
  • 7. Authorizer Policies:

    • Define and enforce policies for authorization operations and settings.
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