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Do backup for all MSPControl components (DB, Portal, Enterprise Server, MSPC Servers).


  • Installed .NET framework 4.6.1 or newer.
  • Use HTTP or HTTPS interconnections between servers
  • MSSQL 2012 or newer
  • Update to last version 1.x.x
  • Encrypt your DB
  • Check if all work at version 1(If something doesn't work in version 1, it won't work in version 2 either)

You can do pre-check using update dashboard, just add "&tip=top" to your update dashboard link on browser, for example:

And you will see tips that need to be done before update.

After upgrade DB, Portal, Enterprise Server go to DB -> Tables-> dbo.RestoreMasterKeyWithPassword and introduce your encryption password

Update process:

When environment will be ready for update you can run MSPControl Windows Installer

On each server in environment

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