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  1. Create Organizational Unit in your Active Directory domain. This unit will be used as root OU for all Hosted Organizations. In our example, we called it simply Hosted:

Hosted Organization

  1. Install Group Policy Management and Active Directory tools on server which supposed to be management for Hosted Organizations. In other words, server with MSPControl Server component which will be used for Hosted Organization

Hosted Organization2


Hosted Organization3



  1. Go through the deployment guide.


  • On step 4 choose just Server
  • On step 6 ensure that you create user in Active Directory and not the local one.
  • Skip steps 8-13 and 17-22.


  1. Ensure that newly created User (the one from step 6 of deployment guide) added to domain admins group.
  2. Go to MSPControl Portal > Configuration > Servers and add your new server with password from step 7 of deployment guide. Leave Search Installed Software unchecked.

Hosted Organization4

Hosted Organization5

Hosted Organization6





  1. Go to added server, expand Active Directory Settings and setup it like on picture below.


Security Mode: Create Active Directory Accounts

Authentication Type: none

Root domain: <your active directory domain> (expert.local in our example)

Username and password are not required.

Hosted Organization7


  1. Click Update button on the bottom of this page

Hosted Organization8


  1. Go back to Server and click Add button near Hosted organizations:

Hosted Organization9


  1. Select Hosted Organizations service provider and click Add Service

Hosted Organization10

  1. Provide Root OU from step 1 of prerequisites and FQDN of your Preferred Domain Controller. Ensure that Standard Username format Leave other fields blank. Click Update.

Note: Standard username format will create users in active directory like this: Username john000000 for the first John in domain. John0000001 for the second one etc. This naming method is recommended.

Append ORGID username format is the method we used in the past. Usernames were created like this: where is the name of Hosted Organization/Organizational unit in Active directory. We don’t recommend this method because you can face problems with long hosted organization names.

Hosted Organization11

  1. Done! Now you can add this service to your Virtual Server, select Hosted Organizations in Hosting Plan and start making your hosted organizations.

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