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Basic definitions:

Hosted organizations - tenants, active directory organizational units which store customer's users, security groups, contacts etc.

Hosted organization users - active directory users located in customer's hosted organization.


Hosted organization quotas explanation:

Organizations - Amount of allowed hosted organizations.

Users per Organization - Amount of users allowed per hosted organization.

Domains per Organization - Limits number of domains allowed per hosted organization.

Allow to Change UserPrincipalName - Enable to let customer change UPN for hosted organization users.

Security Groups per Organization - Amount of security groups allowed per hosted organization.

Locations per Organization - Allow customer to manage locations. Useful when organization is big and distributed across countries. Customer can create multiple locations and mass-apply to users. Location includes information like country, city, address, phone etc.

Devices per Organization - Amount of devices allowed per hosted organization.

Deleted Users per Organization - Amount of deleted users alloewd per hosted organization.

Deleted Users Backup Storage Space per Organization, Mb - Amount of space allowed for deleted users backup storage, in megabytes.

Force Save as Deleted User on Deletion - Enabling this option will force each deleted user to be backed up to Deleted Users.

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