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  1. Installed and working MSPControl environment.
  2. Recommended to install WebDAV Portal on same server as Portal


  1. Run MSPControl Installer
  2. Choose just WebDAV Portal to be installed:

  3. Provide IP (loopback is not recommended) and port:

  4. Provide info for account provisioning:

  5. Specify Enterprise Server URL:

  6. Provide Crypto key, serveradmin as user and ecrypted password.Crypto key could be found in Enteprise Server's web.config (C:\MSPControl\Enterprise Server\ by default).
    Ecrypted serveradmin password could be found in MSPControl database, table users (UserID = 1).

  7. Run and finish setup.
  8. Optional, but recommended: go to IIS and assign SSL certificate to your newly created WebDAV Portal website.
  9. Go to C:\MSPControl\WebDavPortal (default path), open web.config, fill keys from below example and check that keys from point 6 are exist. Here is the filled example of fields required for Cloud Folders:Crypto key:
    <add key="MSPControl.CryptoKey" value="grkc28whdf5k6bxxlh27" />Serveradmin and encrypted password:
    <MSPControlConstantUser login="serveradmin" password="swtX7chfVcabcR2DqdKI3lmOIDlU8vFSHTS4h6D9hmmwcJwft+cqStZrfbzCSKyA" />

    Name of your internal domain:
    <userDomain value="hosting.local" />

    Your Cloud Folder URL:
    <webdavRoot value="" />

    This is what you see in browser as name of WebDAV Site. You can put whatever you want here:
    <applicationName value="WebDAV Explorer" />

    Enterprise Server URL:
    <enterpriseServer url="" />

  10. Open your MSPControl Portal (not WebDAV Portal) and go to Settings > System Settings. Provide desired WebDAV Portal URL under Organization Password Reset Module section:

  11. Done. Now you can use your WebDAV Portal for the following features:
  • Push password reset links for users and mailboxes from Portal
  • Allow end-users to access WebDAV Portal. They can change some basic information here (e.g. Name, Last name) and change their passwords.
  • Allow end-users to access their Cloud Folders

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