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What is Peer Account?

Peer account is an alias for its parent user, reseller or serveradmin account. Peer accounts are helpful, for example, when there is a need for several administrators to manage hosting spaces in the same hosting account.


Creating a Peer Role

By default, there is just one pre-configured Peer Role for serveradmin called Administrator. Administrator role has same rights as serveradmin. It means that prior to Peer creation, you usually have to create Peer Role. Go to Account > Peer Roles, you'll see the following screen:

Click Create Peer Role and you'll get Edit Peer Role screen with detailed rights selection:

Type Role name, choose required set of rights and click Add button. 

Creating a Peer

To see the list of user peer accounts click Account > Peers.

To add a new peer account click Create Peer Account button. You'll be redirected to Edit Peer Account screen shown below:

Fill form fields, choose Peer Role and click Save Changes ad Exit to create peer account and return to peer account list.

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