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OS: Windows Server 2012/2016

Web Deploy. Follow article from

Organization Units in Active Directory for web accounts and groups (in case of using AD accounts for web), for example MSPUsers and MSPUsers.


Local Group on Web Server (in case of using local accounts for web), for example MSPWeb.


1. Go through the deployment guide on your Web Server.

  • On step 4 choose just Server.
  • On step 6 decide where are you going to store customer's web accounts - locally or in Active Directory. Create local or AD user accordingly.
  • Skip steps 8-13 and 17-22.
  • Add domain admin rights for user from step 6 (in case of using AD accounts for web).

2. Go to MSPControl Portal > Settings > Servers and add your new server with password from step 7 of deployment guide. Leave Search Installed Software unchecked.

3. Skip this step if you chose local account in step 6 of deployment guide. Continue with this step if you chose Active Directory account. Go to Server Properties (you should see this page after adding server in previous step), expand Active Directory settings and provide the following settings like in our example below. Click Change Password, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Update.

Security Mode: Create Active Directory Accounts

Authentication Type: Secure

Root domain: <your active directory domain> ( in our example)

Username: domain\user (mspcontrol\MSPC-S-web01 in our example) - user from step 6 of deployment guide.

Password: password for user from step 6 of deployment guide.

4. Skip this step if you skipped previous one. Go back to added server by clicking on its name from Settings > Server page.

5. Add System service


6. Select corresponding Service provider (operating system) and click Add Service button

7. Change Hosting Spaces Folder path and click Save Changes and Exit button. This is where customer's folders and websites will be stored, that is why it is important to add System service on the same server with IIS service.

8. Add Web Sites service

9. Select corresponding Service provider (IIS version) and click Add Service button


10. Provide Web Users Group Name


Provide Users OU and Groups OU (in case of using Active Directory users for web)

Check that all default paths are correct like %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\PHP\php-cgi.exe for PHP. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes and Exit button.


Done! Now you can add this service to your Virtual Server, select Web Sites in Hosting Plan and start making your sites.

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