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To schedule website availability check, login to the MSPControl and click on Scheduled Tasks,

or go to Account > Scheduled Tasks.

Then click Add Scheduled Task.

First, type in task name.

Then select Check Web Site Availability task type from the drop-down menu. You will see extra options for this.

Here you can select on what conditions you want the message to be sent.


Then configure target site and message,


and finally create the message itself. Note: url, [message], [content] variables are supported.



Next, choose how often you want to execute this task: daily, weekly, monthly, only once or in certain interval, and choose starting time for the task.

If you select Once, you will need to choose exact date for the task.

If you choose Interval, then you will need to specify exact time slots for the task.

Check Enabled for a task and select its priority. You can opt for Below Normal or Low.

Finally, specify maximum execution time for this task, and click Save.

Your new scheduled task has been added.

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