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What is Hosting Plan?

Hosting plan is a set of hosting resources and their corresponding quotas. Hosting resources here are set of services located on a single server of several servers (combined into one entity by mean of virtual server). Hosting plan is used as a template for creating customer hosting spaces.


Creating Hosting Plan

To view the list of hosting plans of serveradmin or some reseller click Hosting Plans item in the Account menu.

The following screen will appear (we have 2 existing plans in our example):

To add a new hosting plan click Create Hosting Plan button.

You'll get Edit Hosting Plan screen shown below:


Name and Description

Specify the name and description of hosting plan and set its availability (visibility) to customers.

Plan Target

Plan target is the place where corresponding hosting space will be created. When editing hosting plan under administrator account (serveradmin) only servers (both physical and virtual) can be selected as a target. When editing hosting plan under reseller account a hosting space only can be selected as a target.



Enable required resource groups and specify their allowed quotas.

Check resource groups for which disk space and bandwidth should be calculated.

Some resources may be disabled if corresponding service does not exist on the selected target server or hosting space. For example if "System" resource is disabled that means you don't have "OS" service in the target server or "System" resource enabled in the parent hosting space.

Important notes

  • System resource is mandatory for the most of services, especially for those which require work with domain names - WEB (IIS), FTP, Mail, Exchange, SharePoint, O365, CRM etc.
    For example, if system service is not enabled you will not be able to create web sites or FTP accounts in the created hosting space under this hosting plan. System service should be located on the same server as IIS/FTP, in order to let IIS/FTP work properly.
  • Changing Hosting Plan quotas will change quotas for all Hosting Spaces created based on this plan. If you want to extend Hosting Plan with more allowed resources use Hosting Add-ons.

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