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  1. Installed and working WebDAV Portal (recommended to install on same server as Portal).
  2. Installed and error-free Windows Server 2012 R2.
  3. Certificate for desired cloud folder URL (e.g.
  4. Below roles and features should be installed on server:
    • Application server: .Net Framework 4.5, Web Server (IIS) Support.
    • File and Storage services: File Server, File Server Resource Manager, Storage Services.
    • Web Server: WebDAV publishing
    • Media Foundation
    • Remote Server administration tools: File Server Resource Manager tools
    • SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support
    • User Interfaces and infrastructure (full)
    • Windows Search Service
  1. Installed Web Deploy
  2. WebDAV settings in IIS:

6. Website with same name as your desired URL (e.g. Windows and basic auth, WebDAV enabled for website.



  1. Go through the deployment guide.


  • Perform installation only on Cloud Folder Server machine.
  • On step 4 choose just Server
  • On step 6 ensure that you create user in Active Directory and not the local one.
  • Skip steps 8-13 and 17-22.


  1. Ensure that newly created User (the one from step 6 of deployment guide) added to Domain Admins group in Active Directory.
  2. Go to MSPControl PortalSettingsServers and add your new server with password from step 7 of deployment guide. Leave Search Installed Software unchecked.

  1. Go to added server, expand Active Directory Settings and setup it like on picture below.

Security Mode: Create Active Directory Accounts

Authentication Type: none

Root domain: <your active directory domain> (expert.local in our example)

Username and password are not required.

  1. Click Update button on the bottom of this page


  1. Go back to Server and click Add button near Cloud Folder Services

  2. Choose Enterprise Storage Windows 2012 and click Add Service

  3. Provide Cloud Folders Path and Domain like on picture below

9. Done! Now you can add this service to your Virtual Server, select Cloud Folder Services in Hosting Plan and start making your Cloud Folders.

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