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To get started with ADSync (part of Windows Agent), you need to complete the following steps:

1) In the panel, create a user in the domain that you want to synchronize

2) ADSync requires that the client has quotas added to the Hosted Organizations service: "Devices per Organization" (1 device for ADSync) and "AD Sync Users"

3) In the DNS client, you need to configure the SRV record:

Domain: Customer Domain

Service: _mspcontrol

Protocol: _tcp

Priority: 10

Weght: 10

Port: 443

Host: WebDAV Portal address

4) MSPControl Desktop Agent must be installed on one of the servers in the client's domain, using the credentials previously created in the panel

5) After the installation in the tray, the MSPControl Desktop Agent icon should appear, and the MSPcontrol Desktop Agent service should appear in the services.

6) By clicking on the program icon you will open the window:

7) Press to button “AD Sync Settings” and enter credentials

8) After that, the ADSync button appears in the panel on the customer organization page.

To configure Azure IoT Hub for ADSync:

  1. Go to Settings - Policies - Windows Agent Policy
  2. Click on policy and look for Azure IoT Hub connection string
  3. You need to insert your Primary key for Azure IoT Hub, you can find\generate you primary key on Azure portal.
  4. After that all communication for ADsync would use Azure IoT Hub.

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