Microsoft RemoteApp


Give your clients the ability to manage RDS collections, Servers and users via MSPControl's RemoteApp feature. A single panel to control the critical RDS technologies of a company's business such as remote applications, user sessions and access, disk management and much more. That's what makes MSPControl a must-have for Hosted Service Providers.

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  • Multi-tenant / segregation support
  • Add/remove RDS servers and RDS collections
  • Multiple RDS collections per organization
  • Multiple RDS servers per RDS collection
  • RDS Server management
    • Status (online, offline, pending reboot)
    • Check info: processor, allocated memory, user memory, load percentage, free memory, disk drives, network adapter
    • Restart / Shut down

  • RDS User management (add/remove)
  • RDS Server settings
    • Session settings: active/idle session limits, disconnect from session, temporary folder settings
    • Client settings: manage redirection for Audio/Video playback, audio recording, smart cards, plug and play devices, drives, clipboard, printers, monitors
    • Security settings: security layer, encryption layer, check for network level authentication

  • User experience (users/administrators)
    • Lock screen timeout
    • Remove “Run” command
    • Remove “PoweShell” command
    • Hide C: Drive
    • Remove Shutdown and Restart
    • Disable Task Manager
    • Changing Desktop Disabled
    • Disable Screen Saver
    • Drive Space Threshold
    • View RDS Session without Users's Permission
    • Control RDS Session without Users's Permission
    • Disable Command Prompt

  • Remote application management (add/remove)
  • User session management: related host server, session state, view, control, log off, send message
  • Local administrators (add/remove)
  • Profile disk management: enable/disable, size limit, folder selection
  • Tight integration with Cloud Fodlers
  • Single sign-in with all other services (Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Skype for Business etc)


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