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    still not working.. i’ve tried some different sql servers like mysql, mariadb or microsoft’s


  • hahahaha imma big idiot, sorry for dat time wasting topic. i’ll test it later the day, may tomorrow.

    do i better reinstall windows? (i don’t like to wait another 2hrs to install all the win updates again ^^)

  • hey, thanks..

    yes i’ve tried, localhost, the internal ip.. nothing happens and it’s still the same error at the same point of install-process.

    i dont know what kind of sql i’ve installed with MSPC cuz i didn’t installed any sql. i’ve just installed the recommened components of windows like IIS.

    my setup (2.0.0) looks different to the…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone,

    ive tried to install MSPC the last week but i cannot!

    i have Windows 10 x64 latest Updates with enough CPU, enough disk and enough RAM – the problem is not my hardware.

    i had zPanelX installed and it rans fine but now after clean installing windows i wanted to use MSPC but it stucks at the same point:

    Database connection…[Read more]

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