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    Windows agent : 1.4.33
    We use Windows agent as AdSync agent on windows 2012 R2 Domain controllers. We have the error every 5 minutes on application logs.
    It’s seems there is no error on Windows 2008 R2 DC

    Fault bucket , type 0
    Event Name: WindowsUpdateFailure3
    Response: Not available
    Cab Id: 0

    Problem signature:
    P1: 7.9.9600.18970
    P2: 80072ee2
    P3: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
    P4: Scan
    P5: 0
    P6: 0
    P7: 8024500b
    P8: <<PROCESS>>: MSPControl.Desktop.Agent.Communication.exe
    P9: {9482F4B4-E343-43B6-B170-9A65BC822C77}
    P10: 0

    Attached files:

    These files may be available here:

    Analysis symbol:
    Rechecking for solution: 0
    Report Id: 871f84c3-4e02-11e8-80cf-005056b6c8d1
    Report Status: 4100
    Hashed bucket:

    Best regards

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