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    Is there anything we should be aware of as far as installing the lastest Windows updates on a server running WebsitePanel 2.0.0? I’m worried about things that might fail afterward. Thank you.

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    WEbsitepanel or MSPC?
    I’m running mspc on 2012r2, and I install updates weekly.
    Never had issues because of windows updates.

    These being said – mspc usually breaks when required windows services fail (of course).
    For example, exchange services.
    So when you get errors in mspc – always make sure that the error is not in fact something that went bad on the server itself (a service didn’t start, powershell broke, etc).

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    WebsitePanel 2 is no longer supported or developed, you should move ASAP, if you open WebsitePanel studio things like edit password now do not work as it can not download the required components as they do not exist anymore!

    Please see and click upgrade from websitepanel.

    I too recommend migrating to Windows 2012 r2 or Windows 2016 its not easy as I did it earlier this year and had to have tools developed to migrate, once we developed such tools the migration was fairly straight forward and we have everyone running on windows 2012 R2 from having 10 windows 2008/2008 R2 machines. Windows 2016 was not out at the time or we would of moved to that 🙂

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