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    I taking over a customer existing dedicated server installed with websitepanel. As I know, once i login as serveradmin and click on reseller/user account, I should be able to see hosting icons such as domains, FTP, DNS and .etc but there are none. Below are the screen shots. Anyone can help? The server has got 26 domains hosted inside.

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    Hi noreply,

    First of all, WebsitePanel is no longer supported long time ago. We recommend you to upgrade to MSPControl, it has better, responsive and understandable interface.

    Secondly, this reseller don’t have any customers under it. If you want to see resources made under this reseller then you can click to My Server hosting space and next to service you need.

    Thirdly, you’re not using design correctly. You don’t need to make reseller account to have different domains and sites. Use customer, but not a reseller type. That’s exactly why you confused with GUI, you did it wrong from beginning.

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    Best regards,
    Denis Shchepetov, MSPC support lead.
    E-mail: d@Hosting.Build

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