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    We’ve started working on bringing our hyper-v module into modern times for the past couple of weeks. So far we’ve added:

    1. Support for Windows 2016
    2. Fixed VPS Deletion Bug when managing HyperV as a remote machine
    3. Added Quotas to support the restriction of using Generation 1 or 2 Machines via Hosting Plan
    4. Added ability to Shutdown and Disable Boot of HyperV machine while a customer is suspended.
    5. VM is shutdown During Suspension
    6. We corrected bugs where MSPControl was not properly assigning IP Addresses or initial Passwords during VPS creation.

    We’ve added to our current work list about another 30 enhancements to VPS we expect to be ready in the next 2 weeks, we will continue to update everyone with our progress. Most of the new items will be around developing a more intuitive work flow, additional Quotas and other user experience issues we felt were needed. We plan to add support for SMB3 and HyperV Cluster/VM Migration Support as well in soon future releases. We’ve also started a new Virtual Switch Management Capability to allow us to manage VLANs and other Switch Level items from the control panel. Some additional improvements around utilization collection is also being made to support consumption reporting for billing.

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