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    Since the initial release of Azure Subscription Management we’ve added several enhancements:

    1. An Azure Consumption Spending Dashboard that allows you to see the customers spending trends, past spend or forecasts compared to their budgets. You can also see a breakdown of cost per resource

    Azure Dashboard

    2. Additional Azure subscription details under Azure Settings
    3. Ability to set a Policy level Budget or a Client Level budget using a hosting plan or hosting addon. Budgets can be overrided by client to a number under Quota assignment but can never exceed.
    4. Ability to set billing period to start any day of the month. It does not have to match your Azure Period.
    5. System level Max Consumption Limit and Notification when reaching Max Consumption to allow Host to monitor system Wide Spending
    6. New Scheduled tasks for the following:
    a. Check customers who have reached azure budget suspension percentage, automatically suspend account if enabled in hosting plan to suspend on exceeding. Also notify customer and server admin of such action via mail template.
    b. Check customers who have reached azure budget warning percentage and notify of such condition customer and serveradmin
    c. Check for System Wide Azure Limit and Notify on Warning Percentage
    d. Automatic Collection of RateCard Information for Billing database locally
    e. Automatic Collection of Azure Consumption data for local storage and processing, history.
    f. Scheduled Task to send Excel Report of Detailed Consumption to Customer or Serveradmin of all or some Azure Account with billing details. You set the Margins you expect for the services at the hosting plan level, so you can have different margins depending on the plan. Customers will receive reports without costs or margins included automatically.
    g. Check for Customer Budget Exceeded and Notify Customer or Serveradmin of such condition.

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