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    We’ve added support for Spam Experts Email Security. The following is initial Functionality that is available:

    1. Enable/Disable Domain to Spam Experts
    2. Enable/Disable a Web Interface user in SmarterMail or Microsoft Exchange
    3. Route Management System
    4. Link to Domain Management Panel from Domains List to Edit Spam Settings
    5. Multi-Actions to enable/disable multiple domains
    6. Multi-Action to enable/disable multiple Web Interface Users
    7. MX Record Checking which will mark Domains that do not have proper MX record needed to use Spam Experts (Currently supports 1 MX, we are working on adding support for multiple MX in next couple of Builds.
    8. Ability to Change Domain Email (In next couple of Versions)
    9. Ability to Visit the Web Panel of a user from Interface (In Next Couple of Versions)
    10. Ability to set Domain Admin Passsword (In Next Couple of Versions)
    11. Quotas to Manage Number of Domains / Number of Web Interface users

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