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    In the latest builds we have added a beta support for CLAMAV scanning of IIS Websites. We’ve found that CLAMAV using third party DB’s provide great detection of PHP based hacks and vulnerabilities that are exploited by remote attackers. Our initial support adds:

    1. Support for CLAMAV 64bit installed on IIS Webserver using Websites
    2. New Anti-Virus Tab on Website that allows a user to scan the Website on demand
    3. A scheduled Task that runs scans of all sites on a schedule and stops any websites that are found to be infected. If a website is infected it cannot be started until the website passes a successful scan.
    4. Automatic CLAMAV Database updating via Freshclam.
    5. Mail Templates to send notification for Serveradmin or User when infections are found.

    As this is a beta, the support works but is not at it’s final stage of deployment. Items being added this week:

    1. Scan history showing date and runtime of prior scans
    2. Add information of the infection type to notifications and scan history
    3. Multithreading to cut down scan time
    4. Better notifications for Serveradmins and resellers with information about all their customer sites in a single message.
    5. Add Please Wait Dialog on Realtime Scan Button on website.

    A good third party database to improve PHP file exploits can be found here:

    PHP Malware Signatures to ClamAV

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