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    I am unable to add MySQL 8.x to my services. I have upgraded to Version 2 of mspControl.

    Database (2088, 6/7/2019 9:27 AM, Status: Ok)
    Enterprise Server (
    Portal (
    SRV-XXXX (

    The process I am doing is add the service to the server:

    Add Service - MySQL 8

    Then click on the “Add Service” button and then the error is displayed on the screen:

    Add Service - MySQL 8 - Error

    MySQL 8 is installed on this server. I also have the current MySQL ODBC and .NET Connector installed as well.

    MySQL 8

    I am able to go back to the MySQL 5.7 and add the service from there, however I am sure this can’t be possibly correct as version 8.x has some major changes oh how authentication works.

    MySQL 5.7

    After you click the Add Service button it processes and then goes to the configure service page. Any idea why the version 8.x service doesn’t appear to be working ?

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    Sent to Developer to check into it.

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