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    The MSPControl Team has several projects in motion and wanted to give everyone a heads up of what has happened and what to expect from us in the next couple of months.

    What has been recently added over the last couple of months and considered stable (we would love feedback):

    Installer – Complete overhaul of Installer
    System – Windows 10/Windows Server 2016 Support
    System – Twitter Bootstrap Responsive Theme
    System – Fixed issues with inaccurate Quotas across panel in different areas
    System – Several Interface Changes to improve overall flow and intuitiveness of controlpanel
    System – Added Google Analytics Support for Control Panel Traffic tracking
    System – Granular Peer role Management gives you control over a peers permission over objects so that they can only see what you want them to see
    System – New Mail Templating System including CSS Sanitation and inlining
    System – Auto Update Service
    System – Two Form Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator, SMS (Twilio) or Email
    System – Login Success/Failure Notifications with WHOIS IP Lookup and recording
    System – Enhancement to All Password Policies / Password Controls and Validators
    System – Updated Forgot Password functionality to be Pincode Based
    System – Ability to set Proxy settings for all Panel Internet Connections
    System – Fix customer suspension bugs
    System – if FSRM is installed – use it to get diskspace on folders which improves performance of diskspace checks
    System – Added Access/Excel 64 Bit Drivers
    System – Add ReCaptcha Protection on all entrance points “I am a Robot”
    System – Added ability to change timeout for reports
    System – Refactor several views for mobile compatibility
    System – Hash Accounts with Argon2
    System – Change to SQL Masterkey Encryption and eliminate CryptoKey
    System – Spam Experts
    Web – IIS10/FTP10 Support
    Web – No managed Code option for .NET Core Support
    Web – Added Throttling Capabilities
    Web – Added Static/Dynamic Web Compression to Web Policy
    Web – Let’s Encrypt Support (Watch Video)
    Web – Cold Fusion 2016 Support
    FTP – Cerberus FTP Support
    DNS – Simple DNS 6.x Provider
    DNS – Ability to Edit SOA record with MS DNS 2012 R2
    DNS – Fixed AD Zone creation
    DNS – Several changes to grid to show where domain is in use
    Organizations – Force Service Level on Creation
    Organizations – User Site Locations – This feature allows you to tag Organizational users with a location which becomes a sub OU in AD. Also added to Distribution groups and Groups
    Organizations – Deleted Users functionality that allows storing of deleted users information
    Organizations – New Quota Bar that knows about other Organizations in space and properly calculates totals
    Organizations – Executive Report Enhancements
    Organizations – User Export Report – Provides an excel file with all relevant details of an organizations users on user grid
    Organizations – New Active Directory Import Tool integrated inside of Organizational User Screens for simple user import
    Orgainizations – Import users on a schedule into Organization from an OU
    Organizations – Password never expires override of password policy
    Organizations – Inactive Users Report
    Organizations – SharePoint 2016 Provider
    Organizations – Peer Access Control Over Locations
    Organizations – User Export Report Scheduled Task
    Organizations – Active Directory Password Filter to capture AD Level Password Changes
    Exchange – Mailbox archiving at deletion of user (Watch Video)
    Exchange – Mailbox Alias Forwarding at deletion of a user
    Exchange – Mailbox Journaling Support
    Exchange – Added Retention Space columns to storage reports
    Exchange – Distribution List Reporting
    Exchange – Mailbox Out of Office Message Management
    Exchange – Mailbox Picture Management
    Exchange – Several Enhancements to Litigation Hold
    Exchange – Password Resets via SMS or Email
    Exchange – Exchange 2016 Support
    Exchange – Inbox Rule Automation
    Exchange – Redirect Mailflow to a Shared Mailbox
    Exchange – Allow re-assigning an Email Alias to another user or group during mailbox deletion
    Exchange – Fix French Language Issue with Calendars
    Office 365 – Multi-tenant / segregation support
    Office 365 – User Synchronization
    Office 365 – User Roles Management
    Office 365 – Import Users from Office 365 into your On Premise System
    Office 365 – Password Sync
    Office 365 – Password Resets via SMS or Email
    Office 365 – Domain Management
    Office 365 – Tenant Management
    Office 365 – Subscription Management (Add/Change/Remove Subcriptions and apply Licenses to users)
    Office 365 – Intellegent Subscription Engine
    Office 365 – Single sign-on with all other services, On Premise and Office 365 (Exchange, SharePoint, Skype)
    Office 365 – Tenant Health
    Office 365 – Subscription Dashboard
    Office 365 – Full Quota Assignments
    Office 365 – Active Directory Password Filter Support
    Office 365 – Missing user detection
    Office 365 – Change License Matrix Support
    Office 365 – Exchange Online Management
    Office 365 – Exchange Online Retention Tags
    Office 365 – Assign Office 365 License on User Creation
    Office 365 – DNS Repair tool which finds Office 365 DNS settings and compares them to Domain in question finding mistakes in provisioning and allowing correction
    Skype – Skype for Business 2016 Support
    Skype – Ability to delete Multiple users at a time
    Skype – Response Group Support
    RDS – File Manager RemoteApp
    RDS – RDS Users under Configuration Tab
    RDS – Default Setting Improvements
    RDS Client Setting Management – Ability to Manage Icon Level Settings for RemoteApps per collection
    RDS Session Mirroring – Ability to click to mirror an RDS user session from Collections View
    RDS Messaging – Ability to send a message to logged on users
    RDS DNS Automation
    RDS Profile Disks
    Storage Spaces – FSRM Notifications
    HyperV2 – Quality of Service Management
    HyperV2 – Cannot Import VM’s
    CRM – CRM 2015 Support
    CRM – CRM 2016 Support
    WinAgent – initial Release witrh support for Cloud Folder Mapping and Trusted Sites Management

    Over 500 Additional Bug Fixes

    We are Currently Working on and available in latest Beta:

    System – Linux Support for Server Module (Included in 1.1 Beta)
    Office 365 – Exchange Online Journaling
    Office 365 – Bulk User Assignment
    Office 365 – Group Sync
    Office 365 – Service Ticket Management
    Office 365 – Skype Online
    Office 365 – SharePoint Online
    Azure – CSP Offer and Metering/Suspension/Notifications
    Chargify – New Subscription Management via Chargify Subscriptions
    Web – CLAMAV Website Scanning
    RDS – Chocoletey App Installer
    Cloud Folders – Overage Reports
    WebDAV Portal – Several Improvements

    Planned to Start:

    System – Peer Level Access Control over Spaces
    System – Microsoft WSUS Integration for Server Patch Management

    Organizations – SPLA Reports
    Organizations – New User Templates – Ability to create templates for new users and create new users with predefined memberships and services at once.
    Office 365 – Mobile Device Management
    Azure – Virtual Datacenter Support
    RDS – RDS Server @ Azure Support
    RDS – IP Address lockdown per collection
    RDS – Automatic Collection Master Detection
    RDS – Reboot Servers Scheduled Task
    Cloud Folders – Microsoft Office Plugin for Cloud Folders
    HyperV – Bandwidth Calculations
    HyperV – SCVMM Support
    HyperV – 2016 Support
    IIS – ASP.NET 5 Webdeploy Publishing
    Mirta PBX Support

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    I’ve updated this list based on progress and added a couple of other larger accomplishments.

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