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    In order to help the community I’ve compiled this list to document all the items we’ve added to MSPControl since the last time I posted this list September 6 2016. Below find all items added or improved to MSPControl through today. If any items are missed I will continue to come back and edit this document until it is complete. If there are any questions about any of this functionality feel free to leave comments below:

    Installer: Do not Create User when Users Password doesnt meet password policy
    Installer: Fixes for Webdav Portal Installation
    Installer: Fix Default ES Address
    System: New HTML5 Responsive Theme and Mobile Views
    System: Fix Server Reboot on Server Settings
    System: Do not show License Plan in Hosting Plans
    System: Security Fixes for Peers
    System: Serveral fixes to the stability of the Update Dashboard
    System: Serveral fixes to Whois System
    System: Added new Scheduled task for Audit Log Cleanup
    System: Added MS-SQL Encryption
    System: Added Lifetime value to Password Reset Codes
    System: Added max number of threads for Scheduler
    System: Serveral Performance and Stability Fixes for the Scheduler
    System: Several Fixes to “Remember Password” Functionality
    System: Several Enhancement to Peer Roles
    System: Redirect Two-Form Page when username Session is Expired
    System: Several Enhncements to Top Search
    System: Several Fixes for Stability to Password Reset System
    System: Remove Restriction to Scheduled Task Parameters
    System: Make HTML Default Mail Template for Peers
    System: Change all popups to Modern Popups
    System: Several Menu Reoganiztions
    System: Add Branding Policy
    System: Add Thumbnails for Peers
    System: Several Improvements to Audit Log Performance
    System: Hosting Add-on Inheritenace by Reseller
    System: Hosting Add-on Importing Allowed by Reseller from Serveradmin allowed list of Addons
    System: Complete Overhall of Mail Template Engine
    System: Overall Improvements in Erorr Messaging
    System: Fix many deadlocks when system was working under extreme load
    System: Add support for SQL 2017
    System: Cant Copy from Audit Log
    System: Fix Peers Searching Ability
    System: Add Support for Two-Form Whitelisting
    System: Upgrade to Latest Twilio API
    System: Fix Performance Issues while logged in as a Peer – Issue with Left Menu Filtering
    System: Fix Two-Form issue where user received more than 1 pincode
    System: New Peer Invitations System for Peer Creation
    System: Add Auto-Update and Schedule for System Updates to Control Panel
    System: New System Quota Report Scheduled Task that exports and emails all Customer Addons on Excel
    System: New Notes System with Access Authorization and Privacy Over Notes. Notes Moved to “Documentation” Section
    Organizations: Ability to Allow Peers access to Specific Locations for Delegated Access to a set of Organization Users.
    Organizations: Ability to Delete User while Deleting a Mailbox
    Organizations: Fixed bug with Domain Dependencies
    Organizations: Several Enhancements to User/Enterprise Reports
    Organizations: Fix Service Level Quota Issues
    Organizations: Additon of AD ACL Tool to help Secure AD
    Organizations: Fixed Security on Org Creation for additonal Security
    Organizations: Ability to Add Skype User on User Creation
    Organizations: Improve Naming Convention for users with long names
    Organizations: Fix Import Engine to support AD Locations
    Organizations: Location Filters added to Grids
    Organizations: Added CREATE ORGANIZATION to Menu when there is no Organization Created
    Organizations: Fixed Domain Selection during Organization Creation
    Organizations: Complete Redesign of the People Picker
    Organizations: Added ProxyAddresses to User AD Attributes
    Organizations: Fix issues with User Tabs
    Organizations: Logo not required on Settings Page
    Organizations: AD Sync for Remote AD User Sync with Panel (Bi-Directional Password Sync)
    Organizations: Fixes to User Deletion Logic
    Organizations: Speed Optimizations to all User/Mailbox Pages
    Organizations: Optimize Search when SQL Encryption is Enabled
    Organizations: Add New abilities to New User Screen. Ability to Add Mailbox, RDS Groups, and other objects during creation
    Organizations: Remove Change of UPN when changing primary Email address
    Organizations: Added simple navigation between modules
    Organizations: Do not block domain deletion because of Deleted Users
    Organizations: Fix for Import of Security Groups
    Organizations: Ability to send New Uer Mail Template to more than 1 user from Users Screen
    Organizations: Add Multi-Action for Set-UPN
    Organizations: Fix Bug where users were renamed during import
    Organizations: Fix Bug with SMS Password Reset
    Organizations: Added Filters for Active Users to Active Users Grid
    Organizations: Password Request via Alt Email Address
    Organizations: Optimization to Users/Mailbox Page Loading when there are lots of users
    Organizations: Optimize Working with Security Groups
    Organizations: Fix Default Organization
    Oeganizations: Fix Navigation when Display Name is Blank
    Organizations: Add Service Level to all User pages
    Organizations: Rename Deleted user when you try to create a new one with same UPN
    Organizations: Improve Domain forms when working with Office 365
    Organizations: Add Minimum Password Age to Password Policy
    Organizations: Add icon on Account home for Sending User Report
    Exchange: Fix Resource Mailbox Count
    Exchange: Support for External Relay Domain Type
    Exchange: Sender Based Routing Support in Exchange (Requires SBR Transport Agent)
    Exchange: Distribution List Performance and stability Fixes
    Exchange: Support for Default Domain Type
    Exchange: Fixed Errors with Journaling Rules
    Exchange: Fix Issue with Default Mailbox Rules during Mailbox Creation
    Exchange: Several Enhancements to Automatic PST File Archiving on User Deletion
    Exchange: Shared Mailbox fix for Statistics Page
    Exchange: Fix error when deleting Journaling Rule
    Exchange: Fix Contact Creation/Editing Bugs
    Exchange: Instantly Delete Mailbox if Archiving is not selected
    Exchange: Ability to Export Distribution Lists to Excel
    Exchange: Support for Multiple Owners on Distribution List
    Exchange: Ability to Convert Between Mailbox Types
    Exchange: Fix issue with Rentension Policies
    Exchange: Unlimited Char in From Field in Rule Editor
    Exchange: Fix issue with editing Distribution Lists that contain contacts
    Exchange: Improve Behavoir of Mailbox Delete Screen
    Exchange: Show Public Folder Email Addresses in Distribution Lists
    Exchange: Several fixes for Public Folder Management
    Exchange Online: Add Support for PST Archiving to Exchange Online
    Exchange Online: Fix Behavior Distribution Lists
    Exchange Online: Several Performance and Stability Improvements
    Exchange Online: Ability to Convert Between Mailbox Types
    Exchange Online: Journaling Rules Support
    Exchange Online: Disable Exchange Online Entitlement when Exchange On-Premise Exists
    Exchange Online: Allow to Migrate from On-Premise Distribution list to import into 365
    Exchange Online: Add Calendar and Contact Permission Management
    Exchange Online: Sync Mailbox Aliases when Domains are Sync’d
    Exchange Online: Sync Mailbox Aliases when Alias is added to Exchange OnPrem
    Exchange Online: Add Exchange Online Distribition Groups to New User Creation form
    Exchange Online: Fix Serveral Issues With Paging
    Exchange Online: Fix issue with Distribution Lists that have Complex Names
    Exchange Online: Add Service Level Support
    RDS: Fixed Issues Deleting RDS Servers
    RDS: Fixes for RDS Security
    RDS: Incorrect Values added to NPS Rules
    RDS: Support Multiple Virtual Servers for RDS Implementations
    RDS: Fix Bug Adding RDS Servers
    RDS: Users Tab fixes for Saving/Deleting Users
    RDS: Several Performance And Stability Fixes
    RDS: Fixes for RDS User Sessions
    RDS: Count users once across all collections
    RDS: Ability to choose Organization while adding RDS Server
    RDS: Fix bug with Customer Admin working with RDS Collections
    RDS: Proper Roll back of Unsuccessful Collection Creation
    RDS: Fix issues with SEND MESSAGE
    RDS: Adding of user Replicating on Deletion
    RDS: Send Message to Multiple Users
    RDS: Fix bug with Collection Creation
    RDS: Ability to Publish/Unpublish Apps to RDS servers using Chocolatey
    RDS: Space Statistics Fixds in Counts
    Webdav Portal: Several Security Fixes to Portal
    Webdav Portal: Show Published Apps associated with Signed On User and allow them to execute from there
    Webdav Portal: Remove Serveradmin Password from Web.config for Security
    SmarterMail: Fix Mailbox Size issue where mailbox Size not being correctly Set
    SmarterMail: SmarterMail 15 Provider
    Azure AD: New Scheduled Task to Regenerate Client API Keys before their expiration Date
    Azure AD: Ability to leave a users Credentials intack in Azure AD during User Deletion
    Azure AD: Several Enhancements to Identity Sync Logic
    Azure AD: Added checking Password Expiration for Partner and sending Password Expire Message to them for resetting
    Azure AD: Several Improvements to User Import from Azure AD
    Azure AD: Rename everything to Azure AD instead of Office 365 when dealing with Identities
    Azure AD: Fixed issues with Password Expiration when user was set to Password Never Expire
    Azure AD: Added Office 365 license info to Missing Users report
    Azure AD: Full AAD User Attribute Sync
    Azure AD: Full AAD User Roles Sync
    Azure AD: Fix issues with Password Reset
    Azure AD: Add Sync for Password Never Expires tp Office 365
    Azure AD: Fix Enabling/Disabling user on User Deletion
    Azure AD: Fix behavior on Azure Settings “Unbind” Command
    Azure AD: Move to Partner Center API amd away from CREST API
    Azure AD: Reduce Dependencies on Tenant Password and Rely on Partner Center API
    Azure AD: Use Object ID For Sync Operations
    Azure AD: Allow Changing of Tenant Admin User
    Azure AD: Add checks to make sure Partner Account is Valid
    Azure AD: Several fixes to Domain Sync
    Azure Subscription: Assign/Suspend new Azure Subscription to an Organization
    Azure Subscription: Permission Management for Subscription
    Azure Subscription: Azure Rate Card Collection Scheduled Task
    Azure Subscription: Azure Consumption Collection Scheduled Task
    Azure Subscription: Azure Scheduled Task for Consumption Report
    Azure Subscription: Azure Settings Panel
    Azure Subscription: Add support for downloading consumption Report
    Azure Subscription: Azure Busget Alerts Scheduled Tasks Added
    Azure Subscription: Azure Dashboard with support for Subscription Trends and Forecasting usage
    Azure Subscription: Added Support for System Wide Limit
    Azure Subscription: Ability to Deploy/Undelpoy Azure Domain Services
    Azure Subscription: Add support for setting Azure Security Contact
    Azure Subscription: Add support for setting Azure Secutity over Subscription (Subscription Access)
    Azure Subscription: Add Setting for default Admin Username for Creating New Azure Tenant
    Websites: Added new Status, SSL and Expiration Date and Redirection Status to Website Grid
    Websites: Added Clam Signature Update and Version to Server Settings
    Websites: Several Enhancements and Improvements to CLAM Scanning Engine
    Websites: Remove Dependencies for Helicon Web Engines when Web Engines do not exist
    Websites: Several Fixes to Let’s Encrypt Engine
    Websites: Better Error Handling for Website Deletion
    Websites: Several Performance and Stability Fixes
    Websites: Fixes made to File Manager for Permission Handling
    Websites: IIS 10 Support
    Websites: Reorganize Website Pages
    Office 365: Onedrive for Business Support
    Office 365: Bulk User License Assignment Fixes and Optimizations
    Office 365: Serveral Performance and Stability Fixes
    Office 365: Offer Import Fixes
    Office 365: Fixed Deleting Licenses when User deletion occured
    Office 365: Fixes to Full Quota Sync Task Execution
    Office 365: Fixed Bugs related to Resellers
    Office 365: Fix bug with Office 365 Health
    Office 365: Mail Template on First Sync for New users
    Office 365: Order Offers correctly by name
    Office 365: Add ability to Leave Office 365 users intact during Organization Deletion
    Office 365: Add ability to Leave Office 365 users intact during Customer/Space Deletion
    Office 365: Several License Assignment Performance and Stability Fixes
    Office 365: Add Multi-Action for Changing Office 365 licenses in Bulk
    Office 365: Fix Health Icon Status Alert
    Office 365: Added support for Skype Online
    Office 365: Added support for Sharepoint Online
    Office 365: Fix issues with Domain Verification – Already Verified Domain is not Reverified
    Office 365: Update Resource Groups for existing office 365 offers on price list import
    Office 365: Complete overhaul of Offers Polcy pages
    Office 365: Discovery of External Licenses for users
    Office 365: Fix issue when there is inconsistent Subscription Quantity and Quota Quantity
    Office 365: Allow to Sync Licenses that dont have Offer ID
    Office 365: Fix Detection of Incorrect Admin Password
    Office 365: Add support for Add-On Offers Management
    Offoce 365: Reduce Subscription when remove suspension
    Devices/Agent: Several Performance and Stability Fixes
    Devices/Agent: Added Windows Agent Policies
    Devices/Agent: Auto-deploy Desktop Icons to Users Desktop linked to RDS Workspace
    Devices/Agent: Added Agent Command System for sending Commands to Remote Devices (Requires Azure IOTHub)
    Devices/Agent: Added support for Connectwise Screenconnect for remote device Management
    Devices/Agent: Support for WSUS Patch Management for Remote Devices
    Devices/Agent: Added Comnand to FORCE Windows Update on a PC with Agent
    Devices/Agent: Added Internal/External IP Address to Device Details
    Devices/Agent: Device Settings Panel per Customer Organization to Overide System Policies
    Devices/Agent: Send Remote Command to update Agent
    Devices/Agent: Agent Version Number added to Grid and Device Details
    Devices/Agent: Fixes to Windows Firewall Management
    Devices/Agent: Last Seen added to Device Info
    Devices/Agent: Add Devices to Global Search Results
    Devices/Agent: Added Delete Device Command
    Devices/Agent: Added Agent API key for Improved Security
    Devices/Agent: Add Support to Control Screen Saver Settings
    Devices/Agent: Outlook Singature Management for Exchange/Exchange Online
    Devices/Agent: Windows Update Status Indicators on Devices
    Devices/Agent: Low Drive Space Alert
    Devices/Agent: Device Commands Added to Device Details
    Devices/Agent: Ability to Find Orphaned out of Contact Agents
    Devices/Agent: Fix Device Quota Issues’
    Devices/Agent: Improve Full Text Search for Federated Search Results
    Devices/Agent: Fixed several issues with Search Results not being returned for certain search senarios
    Devices/Agent: Add Power Settings Management for Remote Devices
    Devices/Agent: New Devices Report Hardware/Software Inventory
    Devices/Agent: Add support to Windows Agent to support Multiple Virtual Servers
    Devices/Agent: Add support for Userless Agents using an Activation API Key
    Devices/Agent: Exclude Deleted Devices from search results
    Devices/Agent: Scheduled Task to Schedule Updates to Remote Devices
    Devices/Agent: Add Device Filters
    Devices/Agent: Improve Drive Mapping Alogorytms
    Devices/Agent: Support for Command Line Installation of Agent
    Devices/Agent: Add support for Webdav Upload Setting Management
    Devices/Agent: Auto-Deployment of TS-Print/TS-Scan
    Devices/Agent: Add Locations Filter
    Devices/Agent: Support for Computer RENAME Command
    Devices/Agent: Add support for Frieldy names
    Devices/Agent: Windows Update Reporting
    Devices/Agent” Add Workstation/Server Agent Profiles
    Devices/Agent: Detect Office 365 Installation
    Devices/Agent: Trusted Sites for Customer Level
    Devices/Agent: Reinstall Screenconnect command
    HyperV: Make Template Selection Mandatory
    HyperV: Windows 2016 Support
    HyperV: Add support for Secure Boot
    HyperV: Improvements to Network Details
    HyperV: Complete Redesign of Layout and Improvements
    Cloud Folders: Several Performance And Stability Fixes
    Cloud Folders: Moved Drive Map Quota to Cloud Folders
    Cloud Folders: New Tool to see what folders a user has access to on Folder Grid
    Cloud Folders: New Personal Folders Feature to allow you to create personal folders for end users
    Cloud Folders: Add a User to Multiple Folders
    Cloud Folders: Fix Security Filtering Settings for GPO
    Cloud Folders: Remove user from Web Editing if Deleted from Permissions
    Cloud Folders: Alpha Order List of Permissions
    Cloud Folders: Added scheduled task to find drives that have issues and self-repair them
    Cloud Folders: Fix Drive Map Sorting
    Cloud Folders: Fix Bug with Map Drive Deletions during user Deletion
    Cloud Folders: Add new Cloud Folders Dashboard
    Cloud Folders: Add Cloud Foler Data to User Reports
    Cloud Folders: Several Fixes for Assigning Permissions
    Cloud Folders: New Cloud Folder Overage Report Scheduled Task
    Cloud Folders: Change MB to GB whereever MB was used
    Cloud Folders: Fix Root Domain Address for Folders with Different Virtual Servers
    DNS: There is no SOA Record in ISC Bind DNS
    DNS: Add support for CAA Records
    Spam Experts: Added Support For Spam Experts
    Skype: Ability to import from AD
    Skype: Fixes to Workflow Business Hours
    Skype: Several Performance and Stability Fixes
    Skype: Fix bug when User is deleted from a group
    Skype: Cant set Queue Overflow
    Skype: Fix issue with edge Server Integration
    Skype: Add support for Holiday List
    Skype: Disable Phone Numbers if there is no Skype
    MySQL: Fix MySQL Notifications
    AWStats: AWStats Authorization Fixes
    Icewarp: Proper Suspension of Icewarp accounts
    Sharepoint: Enterprise Storage Usage Fix
    Sharepoint: Cannot create more than 1 site collection
    Veeam Backup And Recovery: Add Veeam Backup Monitoring Dashboard for Remote Veeam Server Job Monitoring. Correlate Job Data from Multiple Servers/Customers into a central Dashboard

    In Beta:
    Godaddy Domain Registration
    MSPControl Subscription/Billing Engine (
    Azure RDS
    Azure Log Analytics
    Webroot Secure Anywhere Site Management

    In Development:
    Azure DNS
    Azure SQL
    Azure MySQL
    Azure Web Apps
    Autodeployment of Office 365 Client to Devices

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