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    We were running WSP 2.1 and have upgraded to MSP as part of a wider updating of our systems.

    We are also moving from a 2 server environment to several servers, splitting out DNS, AD, Exchange and IIS onto their own servers.

    What is the easiest route to move our customers over to these new servers? We have already migrated the Exchange mailboxes using Exchange ECP.



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    Hi Chris, just import whatever you need to.

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    Best regards,
    Denis Shchepetov, MSPC support lead, software producer.


    Have any procedure or recommendation. We want migrate to windows 2016. Be are planning new server and consolidate customers. Any reomendation to move customers fron one server to another. Or exist any utility to do this procedure.

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    Thanks, we have copied the database onto the new environment and I was hoping that there was a way within MSPControl to tell it to move a customer and their resources to the new servers.

    Is this not the case?

    Also to update all of their DNS records to point at the new IP.

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    Hello All,

    I am searching for a way to migrate all my users from my old server to a new one, Is there any tutorial to migrate MSP Control Users? Or, even a table name list that I should export from old server to import on the new one?

    What I already tryed?
    – Bakup my System Space (it starts the backup but finish in 1 second, without error but the file is never created)
    – Backup the Server inside Settings > Servers (it takes more than 1 hour, the file is created but looking inside “Audit Log” some errors ocurred during the backup. Anyway I was intended to migrate only the users not all the Server, because my New server has everything installed and running ok, I’m afraid to migrate the entire server and start to have issues)

    Any idea?

    Thank you.

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