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    I have a client with 2 separate accounts and organizations – OrgA and OrgB.
    His primary email address is on OrgA.

    He wants a distributions group on the second organization (OrgB) but he wants his primary email to be part of it (

    I tried creating a contact in the second OrgB – but mspc doesn’t let me (I assume because that email already exists on the system). I also cannot add his primary mailbox because of client segregation.

    Is there a solution to this problem?

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    Bogdan, what you need is not supported in MSPC. It’s custom case and in fact you’re speaking about same org or about enterprise with sub-orgs which is not the same as completely different tenant (exactly what we support in MSPC according MS requirements).

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    Best regards,
    Denis Shchepetov, MSPC support lead, software producer.

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