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    Hello Guys,

    I am not able to uncheck under the Mailboxsetting “hide from addressbook”.

    Default it is active after creating a new Mailbox. When i uncheck this Option and click save and Exit the option is still active.

    i have an master plan under Setting/policies in global exchange Mailbox plans.

    There the Option hide from addressbook is disable. In the Organisation mailboxplan, too.

    has anyone an idea why i am not bale to uncheck this and why it is Default activ weather in the plan it is disable?


    Best regards


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    Hi Ciavarella!

    You enabled Consumer Organization support. It’s an option for some mass-market providers like Google (Gmail) when they give mailboxes for their customers within their own domain like In this case, each mailbox should live like a separated one and no chance for him to be a part of some unit.

    Just uncheck it.


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    Best regards,
    Denis Shchepetov, MSPC support lead, software producer.

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    Hello Denis,

    Thank you for your quick answer. i unchecked it

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